The video wiki offers unprecedented opportunities to build up process understanding on the screen at your own pace, be it alone or in dialogue with experienced work colleagues. Where internships or excursions are perhaps too expensive or not feasible, Foundry-Skills offers a real alternative for the contemporary, modern presentation of practical, pre-competitive knowledge from the world of foundries.


Anyone who would like to build up even more structured knowledge in foundry technology can book an online course in this subject via the Foundry Skills Academy.

Online course


"Introduction to Foundry Technology"


Specially designed for newcomers and career changers.


In this course, the basics relevant for beginners are discussed in 21 learning units with a total duration of almost 9 hours.

After this course you will be able to understand the basic knowledge of foundry technology and apply it in dialogue with experts.

The subject areas are explained in non-technical language so that interested parties with a commercial background also benefit.