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Optimal addition: The and are now cooperation partners. Two worldwide online foundry portals are thus bundling their forces in the area of know-how transfer in a contemporary, modern presentation of practical knowledge from the world of foundry technology. is the most extensive work worldwide that is based on the latest technology standards and is available in English and German. The entire foundry technology from burn-off coating to TTT Chart and related branches of industry are recorded in the online lexicon. Access by more than half a million users annually from more than 180 countries make the unique selling point of this portal clear. is a new Video-Wiki with thousands of foundry-specific short videos, divided into more than 45 categories. From green sand molding process to investment casting, from sand conditioning and casting defects to quality assurance, from aluminum to zinc. Here trainees, students, newcomers and career changers, casting buyers, designers and lecturers will find a representative cross-section of videos from foundry technology, which as a digital compendium offers modern access to specialist knowledge as a supplement to the online foundry lexicon and classic specialist literature.

"Thanks to this cooperation, all users as well as our participating companies have two strong partners at their side with distinctive specialist knowledge and many years of technical know-how," says Dr. Stephan Hasse, Managing Director of Foundry Technologies & Engineering GmbH (FT&E) and editor of the online Foundry Lexicon.

“Foundry technology with all its different facets must be seen and experienced directly. Technical terms become more understandable when explanatory texts and moving images interact directly. From now on, our users and partners will benefit greatly from the interaction of the two media. They are based on the expertise and many years of experience of the two cooperation partners. The synergetic concept simply has enormous potential for the user ", explains Dr. Sebastian Tewes, Foundry Skills Editor and Owner.

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