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Founded in 1955, we are now a medium-sized, family-run iron foundry based in Geseke, North Rhine-Westphalia (Soest district), specializing in the production of cast iron with lamellar graphite (gray cast iron) and cast iron with nodular graphite (spheroidal graphite cast iron). Our customers come to a large extent from the mechanical engineering industry.

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Metallgießerei Chemnitz GmbH sees itself as a performance-oriented customer foundry for aluminum castings, which can be produced in sand as well as gravity die casting processes from small to medium quantities.

We place particular emphasis on surface finish and microstructure quality with a high degree of complexity. The efficient core production also allows core-intensive casting at high quality.

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Whether one-off or series production, we develop problem solutions from a single source, specially tailored to the needs of our customers.

Through continuous expansion and modernization of our production equipment and facilities, we can react flexibly to customer requirements. The result is cast products of the highest quality.

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Metallguss Seifert GmbH is a medium-sized family business with over 40 years of experience in casting production. Our strengths include the production of aluminum castings for general mechanical engineering, gearbox and marine gear construction, castings for defense technology, plant engineering for the food industry, the electrical industry, engine construction, vehicle and special vehicle construction, as well as castings in the areas of rail vehicle construction and pressure vessel construction

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Three shifts, on seven days per week, on 8800 square meters of production area - we are ideally equipped and are always ready for our customers. Wissler & Rademacher is an owner-managed family company and is a reliable partner in the industry since its foundation in 1957. From project management to the finished project, we offer customised solutions in the die-cast area. Our customers not only benefit from our long experience with die-cast components of various branches but also from our capabilities at.

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Our manufacturing facilities have been located in the middle of the die casting metropolises of Heiligenhaus and Velbert for decades. We develop and manufacture die castings made of zinc and aluminum, which are particularly demanding and complicated, for all branches of industry. 

Keywords: Aluminum HPDC, Zinc HPDC

The core competence of Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG is high pressure die casting with raw materials whose the casting exceeds the threshold of 1000°C.

The high pressure die casting process offers ideal conditions for the economic manufacture of precise castings with a high surface quality.

We primarily cast silicon tombac, pure copper and brass for customers in the lock and fitting industry, the electronics and automotive industries in addition to general mechanical engine

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Shortly after the formation of the company, Piel & Adey developed the tilting permanent mould casting method for copper and copper alloys. Through this innovation the company created a new branch of the industry. Over the last 120 years the company and its staff have gained more and more experience, which has driven PIAD to be the market leader in both quality and technology for permanent mould casting with copper and copper alloys.

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We have the technology, we have the experts, we have the skills - and we have one decisive factor more: what we do, we do passionately. For more than 50 years, DIAG Aluminium Foundry has been producing sophisticated aluminum castings for equally demanding customers. At the Heiligenhaus site, the latest technology and various processes are used to produce individually perfect castings for every requirement. Our consultants and specialists give their best every day - with precision, know-how and passion.

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voxeljet industrial 3D printing and manufacturing company is a global innovator and technology driver for advanced 3D printing systems and solutions in production environments. Equipped with state-of-the-art binder-jet components and seamlessly integrated into partially or fully automated production environments, our 3D production systems are sustainably shifting the economic parameters and possible applications of additive manufacturing in the industry.

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For more than 20 years, ExOne has been the global leader in industrial 3D printing systems using binder jetting technology. Our machines 3D print powder particles — whether that's metal, sand, ceramics or another material — into molds, cores, sacrificial tooling and final end-use parts. In fact, our binder jet 3D printers are among the most researched in the world, cited in more than 95 peer-reviewed technical and scientific articles. Companies in a wide variety of industries use ExOne 3D printers, from aerospace and automotive to energy and defense.

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Binder Jetting